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  • Q18 Smart watch
  • Q18 Smart watch
  • Q18 Smart watch
Q18 Smart watch Q18 Smart watch Q18 Smart watch

Q18 Smart watch

Q18 Function Parameter
Call function
GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 quad-band call
Dial, hands-free answering, call history, phone book
Bluetooth call
Local SMS;Mobile phone SMS Bluetooth synchronous push
MP3, MP4, AVI format local playback; Bluetooth music playback
Incoming call
Ringtones and vibration reminders
Clock display
3 sets of display clocks, free to switch; click to switch
Watch photo; local memory storage; picture display: PNG, JPG
Watch remote control mobile phone camera; storage to mobile phone; picture display: PNG, JPG
Bluetooth push information
QQ, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook and other timely information; SMS push; news and other client information, system settings information; schedule; synchronization reminder; time setting synchronization
Sports step, calorie consumption calculation, exercise mileage record
Other functions
Alarm clock; calendar;Long seat reminder; stopwatch; calculator, etc.

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